by Brian Routh

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Prayer is a poem against war.


In the golden sunlight
I lifted up my head
The golden eagle landed
To tell me I'm not dead
The golden calf is worshipped
By sacrificial hosts
The golden coins of rich men
Are building Holy Ghosts

Electric Bolts zap me
Eclectic music raps me.

I am in the fog
I am lost
I cannot see
My wires crossed.

My bodies dissolve
My chakras revolve
Spun out of control
Away from my goal

Where was I going
Before I came here
Where did I come from
Before I appeared

What is my name
This time around
Are those my bones
Under the ground

How can I laugh
With so much gloom
Hidden away
In some darkened room

I have traveled through
So many lands
Lived many lives
In so many sands

Of time that is no time
In space that is no space

The river flows on
I sit on her banks
Watching the battles
Guns and tanks

War after war
They do not cease
Endless violence
No more peace

Humanity hurtling
At breakneck speed
Faster and faster
Paying no heed

To the terrible suffering
The dreadful pain
Millions dying
From lack of grain

Worshipping objects
Ignoring the heart
Love is absent
And kept apart

Separate we live
Separate we feel
Together we fight
With blades of steel

God, can't you see
Your children are blind
Deaf and dumb
Falling behind

Why can't you stop us
From killing each other
Help us to love
Our sisters and brothers

Wake us from
This terrible dream
Ease us back
Into the stream

Of innocence, wonder
And delight
Please restore to us
Our sight

I beg you sweet Lord
Help us to be well
Ring the bell loud
Free us from Hell

Stop the machine
That has become our lives
Help us to feel
To love and to thrive


released April 5, 2011
words and music: Brian Routh.
voices: Alex and Vicki.



all rights reserved


Brian Routh Leicester, UK

Since 1980 Brian Routh (Kipper Kids) has collaborated with and appeared with Karen Finley, Henry Rollins, Public Image, Genesis P. Orridge, Sex Pistols, Joanna Went, Eric Bogosian, Anne Bean, Bow Gamelan, Lol Coxhill, Evan Parker, Derek Bailey, Ian Hinchcliffe among others.
He has showed his digital movies at the Royal Academy and sound works at Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles.
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