by Brian Routh

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poem by Brian Routh


There's no other anomaly

that's quite like one's family

they'll put you down and make you sad

ridicule and make you mad

try to make you just like them

just as drab and just as grim

fill your heart and head with guilt

cause your sense of self to wilt

undermine your sense of worth

ridicule your extra girth

they'll call you ugly and plain dumb

say that you're clumsy and all thumbs

make you feel you ain't worth a dime

that your mind is full of slime

they'll tell you that their lives are grand

that they built their empire all by hand

that there's no one quite as good as them

they'll make you feel like a lump of phlegm

you'll be told your life is in the gutter

that you're a coward and don't matter

you'll be made to feel like a piece of shit

like dead meat cooked in a pit

they'll lie and poison other's minds

they'll make you out to be a swine

you'll be called a thief and a dog

that your mind is in a fog

that you should be locked away

that you're mad and have no say

they'll spit anger in your face

and swear that you're a disgrace

that you don't deserve respect

that you're no more than an insect

you'll be called lazy and a cheat

that you fool others with deceit

you'll never be invited round

for fear of making the wrong sounds

they'll say your life will end in sadness

that you'll be locked up in a state of madness

best to keep away and be free

you sure as hell don't need that family


released April 26, 2011
words and music: Brian Routh



all rights reserved


Brian Routh Leicester, UK

Since 1980 Brian Routh (Kipper Kids) has collaborated with and appeared with Karen Finley, Henry Rollins, Public Image, Genesis P. Orridge, Sex Pistols, Joanna Went, Eric Bogosian, Anne Bean, Bow Gamelan, Lol Coxhill, Evan Parker, Derek Bailey, Ian Hinchcliffe among others.
He has showed his digital movies at the Royal Academy and sound works at Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles.
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