1. Born In The Earth

  2. What I Believe In

  3. Is It Worth It

  4. Cold Dark And Lonely
    Geoff Pocock/Brian Routh

  5. Ballad Of The Sad Young Man

  6. animal crackers

  7. my head on the sled in the snow

  8. educated young and obedient

  9. The Hollow Men

  10. holy man in deep cover

  11. obamarama

  12. born without mindless soul not marching

  13. dreams circling shadow

  14. what would it take to make you leave everything behind

  15. absorbing endless flows

  16. left good right bad

  17. Mono Silly Bill

  18. Jerusalem

  19. I Knew Who I Was Once

  20. Apotheosis

  21. March

  22. We Are Not Dead

  23. Before The Bomb Goes Off

  24. I Read It In A Book

  25. resistance is not futile

  26. Shadow

  27. Dreams

  28. Sometimes

  29. I Belong To Everything

  30. This Is The Journey

  31. Dreaming Is Real

  32. Life

  33. Aggressive Resistance

  34. When I was a Young Man

  35. Civil Disobedience is the only force we have left

  36. Krob

  37. Nim Chimpsky

  38. Run Run Run

  39. Birth Of A New And Militant Radicalism

  40. In The Treasure

  41. Where The Wind Blows

  42. Emerald

  43. Haywire

  44. Tormented World

  45. Surrender To Our Love

  46. Shadow Ball

  47. Afghanistan (Malalai Joya)
    Malalai Joya and Brian Routh

  48. Reflection

  49. Beast

  50. The Lord of Profit

  51. Final Battle

  52. Funeral

  53. Birds Of Heaven

  54. Creation Continues

  55. Family

  56. Brand Obama

  57. The Lord of Profit is the Lord of Death

  58. When You Sit Down And Think About It

  59. Holy Cow

  60. Terror of War

  61. The Angel

  62. The Ghost

  63. Under The Willow

  64. You Are The Longing That Is In Me

  65. I Died On This Day

  66. Prayer

  67. Art and Books

  68. End Begins

  69. Whirlwind

  70. Two Dolphins

  71. Muse

  72. The Wheel

  73. The Language Of Death

  74. Imperialism is a Disease

  75. Love Of Apocalyptic Violence

  76. War Is The Pornography Of Violence

  77. Fundamental Delusion
    Brian Routh and Chris Hedges

  78. Empire of Illusion

  79. Persephone

  80. Virus

  81. Water H264

  82. Crazy Fight

  83. Soft Road Love

  84. Long Road Home

  85. Gangster State
    Brian Routh and Michael Parenti

  86. Rabbit Skin Glue

  87. Wael Ghonim

  88. Blackwater

  89. Regime Egypt

  90. Israeli Terrorists in Gaza

  91. Egyptians are here

  92. Greed and more greed
    Brian Routh and Bernie Sanders

  93. Mubarak

  94. Oppenheimer

  95. Crushing Bastards
    Brian Routh and Julian Assange

  96. Justice Delayed is Justice Denied
    Brian Routh and Julian Assange

  97. Shirley Chisholm
    Brian Routh and Shirley Chisholm

  98. Jeffrey Dahmer
    Brian Routh

  99. Jonestown
    Brian Routh

  100. War For Oil (Tony Benn)
    Brian Routh and Tony Benn

  101. Blabber
    Brian Routh

  102. Jimmy Carter 1979
    Jimmy Carter and Brian Routh

  103. A Dangerous God
    Brian Routh and Michael Parenti

  104. The Wagon Train Verses The Swarthy Hordes
    Brian Routh and Michael Parenti

  105. Tony Benn
    Brian Routh and Tony Benn

  106. Constitutional Repentence

  107. Mice With Human Brains
    Brian Routh and Christine O'Donnell

  108. I Know What I Am (Charles Manson)
    Brian Routh with Charles Manson

  109. Nafta Highway
    Brian Routh and Marcy Kaptur

  110. Around and a fucking round

  111. More

  112. Raw Maybes
    Robert Anton Wilson and Brian Routh

  113. Bad Neighbours

  114. Bollywood Squares

  115. But Not Exclusively

  116. Caca

  117. Country Corn

  118. Dark Growl

  119. Dirty Dolly

  120. Do You Understand

  121. Don't Talk To Me About Death

  122. Er

  123. Eric and Barney Song

  124. Erm Me Ok

  125. Family

  126. Fuck Off

  127. Harley Barley Junior

  128. Harley He Be Groovin'

  129. He Who Laughs Last

  130. I Don't Know

  131. I Just Like To Play

  132. I need Food

  133. Intellectual Moron

  134. It Opens Up An Avenue

  135. It's Definitely Stinky

  136. Lalalalala

  137. Mashed Potatoes

  138. My Ass Itches So Bad

  139. People just wanna look the way they feel inside

  140. Spurn Point

  141. Walking The Wire

  142. Wanna Cup Of Tea

  143. What About Me

  144. Alone and Fat


Brian Routh Leicester, UK

Since 1980 Brian Routh (Kipper Kids) has collaborated with and appeared with Karen Finley, Henry Rollins, Public Image, Genesis P. Orridge, Sex Pistols, Joanna Went, Eric Bogosian, Anne Bean, Bow Gamelan, Lol Coxhill, Evan Parker, Derek Bailey, Ian Hinchcliffe among others.
He has showed his digital movies at the Royal Academy and sound works at Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles.
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